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All About The Angels by Fr. Paul O’Sullivan O.P is a fantastic book that enlightens the reader about almost everything about the angels. I learned a lot from the book it was also very entertaining with all the stories. The book shows how much the angels have helped people in both the past and present. Fr. Paul O’Sullivan informs the reader that every person has their special guardian angels that protects them from all harm. “Angels were created at the same time the world was created but before man” (O’Sullivan, 50). The angels are the kindest, generous, and loving people that ever roamed the earth. They have hearts that are so pure and big. They care about every single person, and they love when you offer your prayers to them it gives them…show more content…
He created these intelligent, gentle, and caring creatures that protect us on a daily basis, and that every single person has their special angle. God must care if he created a unique guardian for every person in the world. By using this information about the angels, I can show anyone how much God cares for his children. If I were discussing this topic, then I would probably just explain that God created angels to protect and comfort us. I would also say that they watch us every day and will always be there if you pray to them. The most important lesson from this book, All About the Angels, is that we should thank the angels for everything they have done. Usually, most people don’t pray to them daily. After reading this book, I believe everyone should say a prayer to their guardian angels to show their gratitude towards them. The angels teach many lessons such as completely believing in God’s word. For example, with Zachariah he didn't think that his wife could have children because of her old age, so he was punished by not being able to talk until he admitted his sins. In chapter 8 in the book, there is a story about a boy named Daniel who was put to death for sticking with his morals and religion. As you can see with Daniel in the Lion’s Den, God will always protect you when you stick by his side. When Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den the lions could not open their mouths it was as if

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