All But My Life Book Report

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The book that I picked for my project was “All But My Life” and was written by Gerda Weissmann Klein during World War II. The book “All But My Life” is a book about a young girl who had to go through the hardships of life of a Jew during the Holocaust. That young girl’s name was Gerda Weissmann, and before the war she had a mother, a father, and a brother but after the war, they were all gone. Throughout the war she made friends and kept on holding on to hope and, life itself. Those friends she made eventually she lost them, but she never lost the hope she had. She lost the life she had when she was a young girl but she found the life she wanted even after all the tragedies she had to go through. Even after the war and all the hardships she had to go through to survive she still found happiness. “All But My Life” had so many great things to say about life, hope, and how to keep on going even though everything inside of you doesn’t want to. The author used great imagery trying to show us what the places she stayed looked like, with everything she had to go through at each camp and the things that happened each passing year. For example “I saw an old man on a porch , smoking a long-stemmed pipe.” I think this is an example of imagery because the man didn’t have anything to do with…show more content…
All the times that Gerda, the main character, waited to give up and die, she fought through it and lived. Gerda was 15 when the war started and 21 when the war ended and to go through all that pain and suffering at that age was just inspirational. The author did a great job telling her story and letting the reader be able to go through what she had to go through, with the soldiers, the concentration camps and all the deaths she had to go through while she lived. I think it was amazing how she was able to recall so many details from when she was so young. I was glad I was able to read this book and to follow her life during World War
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