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All Day is a 21 year old rapper based in Australia he’s a rapper with a fresh perspective, smooth melodies and lyrical flow, hailing from Blackwood, the home of Hilltop Hoods in Adelaide. As a 10 year old All Day began rapping, recording his first songs as a teenager, and taking out battle after battle in his hoasxzmetown. 1. What are your phobias? Needles, heights, snakes, and spiders I’m scared of a lot of things. But mostly the fear of being rejected or unloved by my fans because there one of the many reasons why im still here today. So I need them, and hopefully they need me too. 2. What superpower would you like to have? If you could have one? Probably invincibility or maybe to shape shift into anything would be the best superpower. 3. What inspires you write music?…show more content…
How long have you been growing your hair? I started growing it when i was around 16, so for about 6 years. I cut it every so often to keep it nice. I don’t know what I’m going to do when i get older and start going bad. My hair is kind of my trademark now. 7. What inspired you to become an artist in the beginning, and how has your journey progressed since then? Now having found some mainstream success have any of your goals changed? 8. I’m not sure what inspired me in the beginning. I think I always loved rapping and I always had the feeling that I could write cool melodies. I just rapped as a hobby because I wanted to and that’s the best reason to do something. A lot of kids inbox me and say ‘I’m a rapper how do I become big?’ I think that’s dumb as fuck because the job of making music is too hard to do if you’re just faking it. 9. In the last year or so since taking my music more seriously and dedicating more time to it, my goals have changed completely. Whereas once upon a time I was happy just to make a song ‘catchy’ because people would like it, now I want to make something challenging that truly represents me as an artist. The music I’m making now is a lot darker than people would
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