All Fall Down Theme Essay

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The theme in the novel “All Fall Down”is not to judge people without knowing the full truth about them. One way the reader is led to the theme is by observing the conflict and resolution of the story. Another way the reader is led to the theme is by the authors use of figurative and descriptive language that makes the reader feel different feelings towards the scarred man. Finally, the character development helps lead us to the theme throughout the way Alli Carter makes people feel towards the main characters Grace and Dominic the Scarre Man. Ally carter’s novel “All Fall Down” displays the conflict of human vs self. The chosen conflict was human vs self because she is trying to overcome her self-doubts about whether her mother was actually murdered or if it was nothing but an accident like everybody constantly tells her. The conflict of human vs self was demonstrated all throughout the story more specifically after the ball when she first sees the Scarred Man. In this part of the…show more content…
An example of figurative language that she used was when the Scarred Man told her “now the truth is like a tightrope that you can’t walk forever”. In this statement he is telling Grace that she will eventually have to fall by that he mean that she will eventually know the truth about her mother's murderer and that it will hurt her just like falling from a tightrope. Afterward when she figured out that the Scarred Man was right about him not murdering her mother she said “The Scarred Man was right-the truth was like a tightrope and eventually I had to fall”. In this part of the story she is basically saying that she feels a lot of regret and pain for judging the Scarred man without knowing the truth by comparing it to a fall off a tightrope. Therefore the use of figurative language in “All Fall Down” lead to the theme that judging people causes a lot of
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