College Admissions Essay: All I Ever Eat

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All I ever eat is tuna. If I do not have the scrumptious fish for lunch, I have it for dinner at least four times a week. There is no end to my unhealthy obsession with Katsuwonus pelamis and Thunnus albacares. In fact, there was a small period in my life when I was pescatarian, and the only fish I ate was tuna. I am now back to being a regular omnivore, eating vegetables and meats. However, I eat more fish than anything else, ignoring the balanced food pyramid that I learned in elementary school. Personally, I do not think there is anything wrong with eating the same thing every day if you completely disregard the fact that you are not getting enough proteins from other essential foods. A seventeen-year-old girl, I am stuck in a growing body…show more content…
It is 11:18 A.M. on a regular school day, and I am anxiously monitoring the clock, hoping that the bell will ring announcing the end of fourth period and the start of lunch. I expect my lunchbox to contain the usual tuna salad and sleeve of saltine crackers. After what seems like an eternity, my science teacher dismisses the class, and I am nearly skipping on my way to the cafeteria, attracting the unwanted stares of my judgemental peers. It seems like I am the only one happy to eat the same lunch every day. My friends have already unpacked their lunches and are admiring each other’s cooking skills. One of my friends has brought venison wrapped in bacon, and everyone’s mouth-- except mine-- is watering. I admit I am also an animal killer, but I reassure myself that a deer is much cuter than a fish. To no one’s surprise, I rip open my lunchbox and reveal my tuna and corn salad. When I first started bringing my lunch to school, my friends were disgusted by the pervasive odor, and I solemnly vowed to eat it at home instead so that I would not bother anyone with my peculiar eating habits. Unlike some people, I do not mind the fishy smell and cheerfully dig into the tuna to the disbelief of many.
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