All I Got's Gone: Song Analysis

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As a good song, it is important to take a broad view of songs. The songs consist of the lyrics and the tune, but also of all the contexts in which a song is created, experienced, produced, and consumed. After listening the song All I Got 's Gone, the singer used the form of a song to interpret the social situation in the United States at that time, and preserved it for us to appreciate. The song was surrounding the life of citizens during the great depression, which was written in united state in 1934. According to the name of the song, the name is clearly enough to show his mood after all of things the writer got has gone. This essay is talking about the challenge and struggling of the great depression shows in All I Got 's Gone, which has…show more content…
High unemployment, low production and deflation had brought the world further into chaos, and international relations have deteriorated. “By its height in 1933, unemployment had risen from 3 percent to 25 percent of the nation’s workforce. Wages for those who still had jobs fell 42 percent.” In order to protect the domestic industries and employment, the government may raise tariffs to stable social order. In the early time of the great depression, the government leader passed the Smoot-Hawley tariff in US. “It increased 900 import tariffs by an average of 40 to 48 percent.” On the face of the Smoot-Hawley tariff, it protected the farmers in US. Rather than helping, with the high-tariff, the food prices must be raised for the Americans in the depression. In the other hand, international trade in capitalism has shrunk dramatically. Also, “The Smoot-Hawley tariff compelled other countries to retaliate with their own tariffs. That forced global trade down by 65 percent.” That means, the world-trade turned in dangerous, cooperation and income have declined in all capitalism countries. It also, contributed the start of the World War
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