All In Beauty Bright Gerald Stern Analysis

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The book In Beauty Bright by Gerald Stern, Stern writes poems that are descriptive in a way that many creates such a vivid picture for the reader that it creates a story. Stern does this by not only describing to his reader but by his style of writing. All in all In Beauty Bright creates vivid images that seem to place the reader in the scene that is being described. In the text Stern uses his descriptive abilities to create vivid pictures for the reader. In the poem Aliens, there is a picture illustrated. "How on the river the loosestrife has taken over, and how at the wedding there were spaghetti straps and one or two swollen bellies, and the judge who married them was wearing red sneakers and he was altogether a little pompous, and how…show more content…
(106)” By formatting his poems this way, he is able to give the poems a fast pace. This fast pace allows for the poem to be read more quickly. This helps the reader create the visual in their mind that Stern wants them to have. Since our mind can register images quickly Stern gives us lots of details quite quickly to create a vivid image. Although this one trait of his poems is small and may not be noticed it makes a big difference in how the reader sees the scenes in this novel. Overall, In Beauty Bright is an enticing, interesting collection of poetry that was difficult for me at first. However, once read thoroughly the book tells intriguing stories through its descriptive powers that are incorporated not only in Stern’s words, but in his format of poems. Due to all of the details in the poem it can make the reader feel as though they are in the picture that Stern paints for
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