The Girl On The Train Character Analysis

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In a teenagers life, most of the struggles a person has are with their friends, school, and relationships just like in the book All In Pieces. The main character named has a seven-year-old brother who has a disability. She loves him to death and very overprotective of him. Savannah ends up falling in love with a kind and handsome boy named Cameron but also has to manage taking care of her brother and taking care of herself since her mother left her family and dad is a drunk. Also, in the book The Girl On The Train, the main character Rachel struggles with many parts of her life also and is dealing with troubles in her relationships. Rachel was married to Tom years ago but they are not together anymore. She rides the train every day so she can look at the house they used to have together and she becomes obsessed with him and his new wife's life. In this journal,…show more content…
I can connect with the main character named Savannah, in one way. In the book All In Pieces, Savannah is coerced to carry the weight of everything going on in her life with little to no help at all. With her dad barely every being home and repeatedly getting fired from his job, Savannah has to take care of her brother and herself alone. Savannah is put into a special school because she got in trouble because she stabbed her ex-boyfriend with a pencil because he was making fun of her brother. While she is attending this school she starts crushing on a boy she sits next to in school named Cameron. After a while, her and Cameron start talking a lot and he starts really caring about her. After

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