All Lives Matter Stereotypes

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Nowadays it’s very common for people to stereotype others basing it of the different sociocultural backgrounds. In society there is a lack of unity because there is no focus when it comes to minority issues, such as accepting that all individuals should be treated with equally respect. Lately, there have been multiple cases of police brutality towards the black community, causing a lot controversy, which as result there was a movement created called “Black Lives Matter”. This movement focuses on promoting equality for those that are treated and stereotyped unfairly because of their skin tone. In reaction to the movement “Black Lives Matter” there was a new movement created called “All Lives Matter”. It is true statement that all lives matter because this demonstrates that every single one of us counts. However, when the phrase “All Lives Matter” is used it’s making a generalization, causing the audience to not focus and forget the fact that black lives are the ones who are exposed to injustices almost in a daily basic. It is very important that the world understands why at this moment all lives don’t matter, this can be supported by the fact that most of the racial comments, racism, hate, and negative characteristics are mostly being targeted to those who are…show more content…
Race issues in America can seize when everybody comes together and focus on the lives that aren’t being treated fairly so that there will be a day where the nations would be able to say All Lives Matter, because as of this moment the cry “All Lives Matter” its just being used as a distraction to the issues of justice and equality towards black
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