Leo Tolstoy's War And Peace

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Name: Lau Chi Yeung, Ben
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Title: Justice or forgive
In most of the drama or fiction, the main character may facing betray. In Arthur Miller’s All My Sons, Chris feel betrayed by his father Joe because Joe have hidden his crime and cause some soldier dead. In Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace, Andrew also betrayed by his fiancée Natasha cheat with Kuragin. But Chris and Andrew choose different way to face the problem. This essay will discuss about Chris in Arthur Miller’s All My Sons, why Chris cannot accept his father do these crimes and punch him. I also discuss Andrew in Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace, how Andrew change in the war and forgive Natasha.

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Chris Keller anger his father Joe
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Andrew and Natasha love together and had engagement. But Andrew join the army and leave Natasha lone time, Natasha was naive in keeping relationship and fall in love to Anatole Kuragin.…Anatole Kuragin to a duel for his plans to elope with Natasha…(Tolstoy, Book Ten, Chapters 25–39) Andrew feel that he betrayed by Natasha.Andrew can only exhaustion in the war of resist french to suppress his rage and disturbed.In the military surgery unit, Andrew witnesses an amputation being performed next to him, and he recognizes the patient to be Anatole Kuragin. Andrew feels that compassion is the greatest human emotion. (Tolstoy, Book Ten, Chapters 1–12) In the Battle of Borodino, Andrew was seriously injured and receive treatment.Andrew, meanwhile, is miserable and disillusioned. He muses on his disillusionment with his ideals: he has lost faith in love and honor, in his father’s trust in his homeland, and in Natasha’s loyalty. (Tolstoy, Book Ten, Chapters 13–24) Then, he saw Kuragin’s leg was amputated. Andrew think that he can forgive Kuragin and Natasha. When Andrew facing death, he comprehends right or wrong is not important. He just wants to see Natasha
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