All My Sons Extract Analysis

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All My Sons Extract 1 Analysis In this essay I will be talking about an extract taken from Act 1, Page 115-116. This extract shows Joe Keller at the peak of his confidence as he is boasting about his exoneration which he achieved through lies and deceit which are a very common theme in this play in many other scenes as well. In the first five lines of the extract it establishes a way for Keller to boast about his success as Ann berates him with questions about the murder, vividly able to remember a neighbour shouting “Murders!” outside the house. These questions are also supported by Kate as she answers Ann with a straight answer of “They’re all still around” which would do nothing but reassure Ann that she isn 't very welcome in the neighbourhood, which is Kate’s main goal as she still holds onto the fact that Ann is “Larry’s Girl”. This exchange brings Keller to step in and deny his wife 's claims by saying “All the ones who yelled murder takin’ my money now”. This shows that Keller is confident that his innocence is not contested by anyone in the neighbourhood anymore as they all play poker as trusting friends, however this line is also deeply ironic as poker is a game of not showing your true emotions and feelings which could be what all of Keller 's ‘Friends’ are doing regarding the claims of murder. Keller promotes this point near the end of the extract when he says “you play cars with a man you know he can 't be a murderer” as he is still set on the idea that all
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