All Nations Have Their Moment Of Foolishness Summary

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Everyone Has Their Moment of Foolishness All Nations Have Their Moment of Foolishness, by Richard Notkins, is an ominous looking piece with a meaning that is much more obvious than I had originally thought. Art is usually complex and has a hidden meaning, but All Nations Have Their Moment of Foolishness is not one of those pieces. Originally I had the opinion that the macro image of the piece was to ridicule President George W. Bush, but, in reality, I perceived the macro image in a way in which it was a little too evident. The way Mr. Notkins made the piece was surprising too, there was a great deal of thought and planning ahead put into this piece. After reading it, Mr. Notkins’ Artist Statement really opens your eyes as to what the piece is trying to convey and you change the way you thought the piece was assembled. The piece is much more obvious than other famous paintings and Notkins doesn’t seem to care about that. After reading the artist's statement my views and thoughts…show more content…
The piece, as mentioned before, has many tiles that make up the macro image and those tiles also contain little images of skulls, hearts, die, ears and more. I saw President Bush, the title All Nations Have Their Moment of Foolishness, all of these mini illustrations that seemed to be chaotic and seeing that all the images were of destruction I viewed them in the way that I believed they were many of George Bush’s mistakes that were made during his term. “I have also included some of the more recognizable images images from my past works which also pertain to our many human follies…”, as Notkins clarifies, the tiles are only to symbolize different forms of one thing, human flaws. In other words, the tiles not only displays the mindless mistakes or “follies” of Bush or the nation, but of all human beings in

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