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As reflected in the readings of Reading Popular Culture: An Anthology for Writers 3rd Edition, present-day advertisements expand far beyond the endorsement of a product. While the initial intent for various corporations surround the operation of selling and marketing products, many companies also find success in promoting masked messages. According to Jean Kilbourne in her article pertaining to the study of advertisement, she reveals the underlying tactics of commercialized business. As stated in the article “’In Your Face…All Over the Place’: Advertising Is Our Environment”, Kilbourne states “advertising often sells a great deal more than products. It sells values, images, and concepts of love and sexuality, romance, success, and perhaps most important, normalcy (101).” The most recent trend of cultural normalcy: the distaste for natural aging.…show more content…
Regrettably such approach to eternal youthfulness pushes advertising agencies upon the degrading trend of ageism. Ageism, as coined by its founder Dr. Robert Butler, is the act of prejudice or discrimination on the basis of age. However, unlike the trends of established and publicized bigotry, ageism hides behind the façade of cosmetic and hair-care industries. As promoted by Olay Luminous: Tone Perfecting Cream and Miracle Boost Concentrate, the perception of graceful transcendence dissolves into the fragment of the past. Instead, by targeting notorious trademarks of aging, Olay redefines beauty as a trait of the youth. Unfortunately, Olay’s anti-aging advisement prospers in pushing the social institutionalization of ageism and insecurity-driven

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