All Quiet On The Western Front Accuracy Essay

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World War I was a difficult time for every country involved, despite the agenda being pushed forward. More often than not you hear of the struggles and triumphs of Americans, British, or any of the their allies. “All Quiet on the Western Front” provides its audience with some insight into a group of young German friends who were fighting for Germany during World War I.This paper will discuss plot,setting,major themes and the main purposes of the film. Additionally it will be evaluated on quality, interest and the use of literary techniques.It will further more be evaluated by its accuracy,strengths and weaknesses. The film “All Quiet on the Western Front” took place on the Western Front during World War I 1914. In this film it portrays a…show more content…
Based on knowledge and class discussions this film was mostly accurate. For example, when the film expressed that many people have died during this war. In “First World War Casualties” it states “it lay in ruins and the surrounding land had witnessed death by the tens of thousands”(Trueman 1). This quote proves the accuracy of the film. Although the film was mostly accurate at times there would be inaccurate occurrences such as the soldiers getting enough warm food. In a previously used source it states “Food often arrived cold, and during artillery bombardments, it might not come for hours or days” (Jensen 18). Overall the film was mostly accurate. This film had many strengths and weaknesses. A strength the movie had was its accuracy. It’s accuracy was a strength because it made it more interesting and helped you connect it to what you may know you. A weakness it had was the acting.The acting was too over dramatic and at times inaccurate when weapons were thrown. Although this movie had a few weaknesses, it overall had many strengths. “All Quiet on the Western Front” was a movie made in 1979 describing what happened during World War I. This film was mostly accurate when portraying the events and tragedies that has happened during World War I. Although there were instances when minor things were inaccurate the film was still highly accurate. Overall this film used literary techniques,covered different subjects of World War I and had multiple major themes which made it a
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