All Quiet On The Western Front Analysis

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All Quiet on the Western Front and The Storm of Steel, are two novels about World War I that were written from completely different viewpoints of two German soldiers. Remarque, author of All Quiet on the Western Front emphasized the atrocities of war that the main character, Paul, experienced which outweighed any purpose other than to support his brothers on the battlefield. In the Storm of Steel, Junger is totally convinced that World War I was a great event and he stressed how important it was to be fighting for the motherland of Germany. These two novels demonstrate how soldiers may be driven to fight in a war for different reasons. While Paul continued to fight in the war to protect his fellow comrades in All Quiet on the Western Front, Junger was motivated by pure patriotism to fight for his country in The Storm of Steel. Both young men were patriotic and valued their comrades in each of the novels. Both Remarque and Junger had comradeship and patriotism to help get through the difficulty and stressful times. In All Quiet on the Western Front, Remarque describes many scenes that involve comradeship among the young soldiers. Paul and his comrade, Kat, developed a bond of friendship and brotherhood during the dismal times of the war, which helped their individual desires to survive and protect their fellow soldiers. Although Paul is very sympathetic about the war and believed that it was very pointless, he still served his country as ordered, in the hopes of
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