All Quiet On The Western Front By Erich Maria

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Contrary to other literary history works, “All Quiet on the Western Front” by Remarque Erich Maria is so unique because of the way it displays such a realistic view of war and the associated loss of humanity, innocence, and emotion that attend with it. Throughout this novel, Remarque proves his point that war is unnecessary, and dishonorable. Remarque’s focus is how one is changed and ruined after just a few nights in war, the effects of war, on everyone. The novel really emphasizes on the accumulating body count everyday, showing every aspect of how war is absolutely gruesome and such a waste of pure lives. Also, “All Quiet on the Western Front” shows how the position of being in war can change a person dramatically preventing them from returning…show more content…
I fully acknowledge what Remarque is showing his readers about how war is a fast and terrible way for young men to be completely changed, scarred, and grieving for the rest of their lives. Paul especially, was dramatically changed after seeing Kemmerich, Kat, Albert, Muller, and Tjaden suffer so dramatically. The scene in the novel where he first goes back home to see his family, brought out the way they can no longer adapt to such peaceful and safe conditions. Paul was so anxious, and felt as an outsider because of how peaceful it was at home, he did not know how to react, neither did he know what to do. His condition was so serious that he was basically depressed at the place where he should have been happiest. It is very ironic because while at the Front, all the men were discussing on what they are planning to do once the get home, but reality is nothing will ever be the same, wherever they go. Paul was the first to exhibit that loss of hope. I agree with the main thesis of this book that war is uncalled for, it is just a game that ruins innocent lives of the young population while the nations that they are fighting for are using them as toys, all just politics. The main thesis of this book is so easily shut down, but all it is is the truth, unfortunately wars are gruesome, gory, and…show more content…
This novel shows the how the lives of these teenage German boys can be flipped upside down the matter of literal seconds. One bullet, one bomb, one word, one light can kill or change them for the rest of their lives and their family’s life. The fact that they got used to sitting in bed and hearing bombs crash and horses squealing for their lives, along with fellow soldiers screaming for their lives is what the author was trying to convey to the world. He is trying to tell the world that living in the war will change you forever because of those specific reasons. Going back home to a place that has absolutely nothing that the Front had is a vital transition, it’s hard to even try to adapt back to the way they were before they even slept one night during the war. Additionally, this novel proves how once they men come back from their time fighting, regardless if they ever got injured or not, that they will never be the same after seeing everything that they saw even in just one night. Remarque makes his stance clear that he is not publishing his book to accuse his country or government of anything. He is simply trying to convey his and his fellow soldier’s story of how they experienced a time with Death
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