All Quiet On The Western Front: Chapter Analysis

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Muller wants kemmerithicks boots because they have lost normal things in life. All the common commodities are gone with this generation they've lost family themselves at war and the ability to have good boots they are the generation of losing. Another thing that the book touched on was how when the guys lost their humanity and became savages and heartless it actually helped them out in the war this shows how the war took the humanity from the guys who went to war.
Paul and his compadres are considered the lost generation because straight out of high school they were enlisted in the war or drafted. When the description of them appeared on page 85 it shrewd how these people were made for war and all they know mentally and physically is the war “there knees sag and heads are droopy’(85). This shows how they were lost at war and only know war physically they are
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“breeding, education are changing…hardly recognizable any longer”(121)this shows how the norm for paul has become the war. Paul has been in the war for so long that when he returns home he feels out of place and later goes on to talk about he his new home is the front line. Towards the end of the book paul goes into great detail about how the war has drastically changed them all and that for those who have survived the war things will never be the same “few will adapt themselves, some others will merely submit and most will be bewildered”(131). This depicts how paul and his generation will never fully recover from the war things will never be the same few will be able start over but most were scared and lost at war. Paul and his generation are considered the lost generation because they will never be able to fully recover from the war they will forever live in the war mentality because of PTSD or other mental health
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