All Quiet On The Western Front: Chapter Summary

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Prisoner B-3087
In the book i read it starts off saying how Yanek has been taken to a prison by the nazis. He wakes up in his barracks he is fifteen years old. There was no cell phones he couldn 't call anyone and there was no escaping. Each day he would work and starve and if he was caught not working he would be killed. All of the other prisoners knew the rules. New prisoners would arrive every other month and other prisoners would be transferred to different camps. The prisoners would eat once a week and that was on Wednesday they would have bread that was rough or soup that was cold. Most of the prisoners die of starvation or they will be killed by the leader of the camp Goliath. He runs the whole thing and the soldiers would beat the prisoners with clubs because either they weren 't working hard enough or they looked to
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One day Yanek and some of the other prisoners had been moving camps because in one of the camps in georgia had been low on workers so Yanek and some other prisoners had been transferred by train for 2 days they weren 't able to eat or drink anything most of the prisoners had died on the way from dehydration. There was no room in the train the prisoners were in they had been squeezed together and no one wanted to say anything or they 'd be shot or beat to death. The prisoners had finally arrived at the other camp most of the prisoners had died but some were alive and as soon as they got there they started working same as the other camp all the prisoners do is work work work all day and get fed once a week but some of the prisoners would try to escape but they would never make it out alive. Yanek has never tried to escape and he has wanted to leave this place. So he has met other prisoners and they would make a plan to escape and what they did is when they went to bed they would sneak out of the barrack and then try to sneak through the gateway and the only one who made it out was Yanek. After two years of suffering he had

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