All Quiet On The Western Front Film Review Essay

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November 14th, 1979. All Quiet on the Western Front. A drama and war film that goes in depth to the trenches and the German patriotism that lies deep within. Late in World War I on the German Western Front. Directed by Delbert Mann, a young German soldier faces the realities and horror of World War I, face to face. The story begins with a young German teenger, Paul Baumer, who is drafted into the war; eager to fight and serve his country. At his school, him and his friends were filled with relentless propaganda and lies about how amazing the war was. Therefore, soon after graduation, they all eagerly signed up to be drafted. Little did they know, they’d be faced with unimaginable horrors and brutal situations that they won’t be able to bare. In school, they were led to believe that they would seek glory and adventure on the battlefield, and discover great freedom whilst fighting for their very own country. It was…show more content…
A young teenage boy gets drafted into the war with high expectations of freedom and an experience of manhood. Little does young Paul know, he would be faced with the true hardships of the Western front. The horrors of the war were unimaginable, and this film allowed us to experience what it was like to be surrounded by the continuous deaths and traumatizing situations. Fighting for your life and fighting to save your teammate’s life isn’t something that just anyone can do, but it was expected from the young teenage boys who were drafted into this war. There were no room for errors and if you had made a mistake, you’d be lucky to be alive to fix it. Death surrounds us everywhere, whether you’re in the trenches or under your comfy sheets at home- there is no escape. Always suspect danger, when it is quiet on the Western
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