All Quiet On The Western Front Lost Generation Quotes

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Patricio Becerril
English 2/4
19 February,2016

We are known with the quote “War is hell”, but how do we truly know the atmosphere is such location. How do we, the readers without any involvement in what so ever could we relate to such strong statement. In the novel All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque guides through the eyes of the Paul Baumer and his gang having to live the truth of world war one. Paul and his soldiers friends are label throughout the book the ‘’lost generation’’.The generation that was only introduced to the ‘’Great War’’.The entering of the war has postponed their civilians lives due to war effort resulting no aftermath progression.
Pau is a young sensitive man who once seek for poetry soon
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A gap between his destiny and reality define the comparison of what his life could've been. Paul could see his past in chapter 6, “a large portion inapprehensible melancholy….the memories are past, they belong to another place that is gone from us...And even if these scenes of our youth were given back to us we would hardly know what to do...I believe we are lost.” His reviewing of his old family album and childhood papers makes him realize there's no way to come back as the old Paul, there's no way to come back as the old him.Such events in the front has shaped his perspective in human beings, he has lost that compassion he used to held.Paul parents also realize that his life will never be the same. Also another piece that supports this evidence is Paul openness towards his feelings when seeing dying patients at the hospital:”...and all men of my age, here and over there, throughout the whole world see these things, all my generation is experiencing these things with me.”There for showing that all the cruelty Paul has suffered of the war is tag along the same experience towards his
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