All Quiet On The Western Front Monologue Essay

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Script EXT. MONTAGE OF EVENTS IN NORTH AFRICAN DESERT George (Voice-Over) Dear Hester, It seems a very long time since we met in Keady. This tragic period of events has put us in a warm paradise; a place what the rest of the group refers to as an empty world. The desert gives us both an attraction and pain in its range, the worst being man himself. We have met the Germans and gained no more knowledge about them. Although, as an individual, I've learnt some new things. There are things men can do to one another that can damage the soul. It is one thing to make these things compatible with god, but another to face it with yourself. FADE IN EXT. DESERT Close-up on Georges bruise. MEDIC How long have you had this? GEORGE A couple of weeks...…show more content…
GEORGE My friend from back home sent me this. Dear, George I hope you receive my letter before your birthday. If you came home now, you wouldn't even recognise it. Hundreds maybe even thousands of men are pouring across the shipyards at H & W. The inlet is completely dark because of the U-Boats. Your sister and me went... ALL Oh sister! George continues to read his letter after being interrupted. GEORGE ...Your sister and me went to check out one of the ship wreckages that they had sunk. Her and the rest of your family are extremely worried about you, but of course I tried to ease their worries by saying a man like you is too cunning for the Germans. In all honesty you are the lucky one George. You wont ever have a reinforcing thought that you were a failure to everyone, including your country. That’s what I’m scared of. Sounds of truck engines interrupt George as the lieutenant colonel approaches the gun patrol. LIEUTENANT COLONEL Everyone get your stuff together! On your feet boys. STAN Ok coming sir! As the squad begins to grab their things, George stops reading, James looks at him in interest and insists he continues. JAMES Continue! I want to hear the
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