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Despite creativity and authentic stories that war books possess, they are not accessible everywhere. All Quiet on the Western Front, written by Erich Maria Remarque, is a book about the hardships of war. The author went against The author challenges authority and extreme nationalism. The Nazis, in the 1930’s, publicly burned this book as it was deemed anti-government and anti-military. This book includes many fascinating quotes that lead the reader to believe that the author is in fact against war, and while the book does clearly state against war in some quotes, the true meaning of this book is found in between the lines. This book can be seen as a kind of persuasion to not go to war, not in an outright way, but plainly states by the horrific …show more content…

They were using their numbers to obtain one thing: power to ‘Make Germany Great Again’. In an attempt to stop the spread of anti-government and anti-military beliefs, the Nazi’s burned this book. Why did they burn this seemingly-harmless book about war through the eyes of one man? This book shows the realistic view of war. In the beginning, Paul, the main character, and his other comrades were persuaded by their not-so-accurate teacher to join the war. They thought by joining the war they would become heroes, and that’s all. As seen in the story, war includes many bloody details and gruesome fighting. These details were conveniently left out when the teach convinced the boys to join the war. Although it was not always clear that the author was against war, with this thinking, you can see that the details and way he had his main character think, that war was bad. The Nazi’s believed that these authenic war stories would cause people to not want to fight, therefore they burn them so nobody could get a true picture of what war is …show more content…

It can easily be expected that people affected by suffering caused by war would not want any more of it. In the book, it is stated in the book: “How senseless is everything that can ever be written, done, or thought, when such things are possible. It must be all lies and of no account when the culture of a thousand years could not prevent this stream of blood being poured out, these torture-chambers in their hundreds of thousands. A hospital alone shows what war is.” War is not always portrayed the way it should be. War is bloody, and the hospitals are just a small portion of the gruesomeness of war. Suffering caused by war is not only found in the physical aspect, seen in the goriness of the hospital, but it can also be found in the mental aspect of things. Not only does war affect people when they get injured, have to have whole limbs amputated, or have a close encounter with death, it also destroys people mentally. The bloodiness and soldiers encounter will never be erased from their minds. There are so many quotes in this book that provoke the emotions and hardships those influenced by war had to

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