All Star By Smash Mouth Poem Analysis

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To start off the analysis of the song All Star by Smash Mouth, we will talk about the speaker and tone throughout the song. The speaker is quite obvious to any listener that it is a rockstar who is giving life advice to somebody about how to become a rockstar or just succeed in life. The speaker could be interpreted as any rockstar or by Smash Mouth specifically by the listener. The speaker’s word choices such as “I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed” and “Hey now, you’re a rockstar.” both show qualities of a rockstar speaking because he is specifically giving advice on how to be a rockstar. Throughout the poem the speaker uses an uplifting and encouraging tone that encourages the listener to take chances in life. This is reinforced by the line “only shooting stars break the mold.” This is a metaphor that encourages people to take chances because only those who do will achieve something great. The way the speaker sounds with his fast pace and upbeat singing also reinforce the positive and uplifting tone he is trying to set for the listener. Overall, the rockstar speaking in this poem is trying to create a supportive and encouraging tone to make the listener want to take chances in life. Sound…show more content…
Each stanza has a different pattern. Then there is a pattern that the stanzas repeat a few times. The chorus is one such stanza that repeats. The rhyme scheme is also different in each stanza. In stanza one it 's abcbddccaaee. These schemes change almost every stanza. I would say that the scheme is not traditional. The poem departs from traditional poems because it doesn 't really follow a structure. You could say that it 's free verse with a large amount of rhyming throughout. The line lengths and stanza arrangement also have not patterns or structure which is very unlike most other poems . That 's why the poem would likely be received as a non
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