Sandwich Bar Swot Analysis Essay

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All Star Sandwich Bar Strength in Operations There are a lot of restaurants in our area. Most of them have good tastes and other have normal or bad tastes of food. This is not the only thing which needs to judge the whole of a restaurant. There are also many other things that needs to be considered to judge the quality of the restaurant.For this reason, I visited a famous restaurant of the town today. The name of the restaurant was All Star Sandwich Bar located at 1245 Cambridge StCambridge, MA 02139on the day 17/11/2017 from 3pm to 6pm. So, when I entered at 3pm, I expected a very low but the taste was really good and sandwiches were diverted very beautifully and creatively. In the menu there were many options for the vegetarian’s food. Also, the food quality was good, and I noticed by the taste that it was made by some good recipe. In the beginning you don’t aspect this taste from such a hotel but at that time I felt that it’s something more than expected. Anybody who likes the taste and knows the tastes of real food can come here and enjoy the food. They have good abilities to deal with the tastes of food and how to make them more delicious. I consider it as a good attribute because usually the restaurant does not focus the taste and serving patterns of the food. So near me it was a good place to…show more content…
Near me the parking is something which makes you comfortable not only about the reliability but also that there will be no damage to your vehicle. But I felt that it was congested, and it was possible for someone to bump into your car and damage it. So, I think that the restaurant also includes its parking in property, so it should also be managed equally as the rest of the building or portions of the restaurant. It will provide the customers with the satisfaction about the safety of vehicle and that its secured there with all perspectives and they don’t need to worry about the condition of the
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