All-State Honor Choir Essay

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One-hundred and fifty students stared out at the audience, heaving after singing their final note at the All-State Honor Choir Conference. Among those kids was Janie Hawkins, a five-foot-two, singing powerhouse. All state choir is focused on learning music and perfecting skills, so when Janie got in, she received music at home before the “conference.” She and other students tried out in September, received the music and then stayed in Eugene, Oregon. After two days of practicing for the performance with her choir peers, Janie and the choir finally did the performance and had to say goodbye to their new-found friends at the Eugene Hult Center. Weeks of hard practice were put to good work on that Saturday night. All-State Honor Choir for men and women is a chance for kids to sing with students for three days and share beautiful music. Janie was enrolled in her school choir when the opportunity came up for All-State. When she finally decided that trying out for the Honor Choir was a good choice for her, she payed…show more content…
Both choirs got black crew necks with All-State written in blue and green, then trotted to the Hult Center. Both Choirs went backstage to practice walking onto the risers on stage. Then the girls choir stayed on the stage and the boys went to the seats to watch them.The girls sang through all five of their songs, then watched the boys. Later that night at seven o'clock both choirs got up on the stage for one last time to perform. They sang the best they could in front of their friends and family and sounded of one-hundred-fifty goddesses to make them proud. When the performance was over Janie looked out at the hundreds of seats and hundreds of faces staring at her smiling and she couldn’t help smiling to herself. The night was at its end and Janie felt that she was being torn from her newfound friends despite how elated she was to have been a part of
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