All Summer In A Day Analysis

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Sohum Belhe Was there ever a time that you were jealous? Or was there ever a time where someone was jealous of you? These feelings can cause a difference in behavior. A great example of this is the short story “All Summer in a Day” by Ray Bradbury. In this story, Venus, the main setting of the novel, has a rainy climate. The sun shines only once in seven years. The main character Margot, however, has committed a crime by being on earth longer than them. The children are envious, or jealous, of the fact that Margot remembers the sun when they don’t. This jealousy affects Margot and the children. Therefore, when you let jealousy get to you, it will make you act as you wouldn’t have done otherwise. First, Margot is impacted by jealousy because she is getting bullied by the children. When Bradbury in this story emphasizes her personality, he wants to show us how she is different from them and how she “stood apart from them”(Bradbury). This illustrates how she was different and how the children did not seem to like her. The children are deprived of the sun, but they forget to realize that Margot is as well. The children and Margot both want the sun. Margot only remembers the sun, but she hasn’t had it yet. When Bradbury gives the idea that she stayed different, we can see she is under the state of sorrowness. Just this difference makes the children jealous of her. The children hate her because they hate how she had that memory. On the other hand, she had to go through a lot
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