All Summer In A Day Analysis

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The short story All Summer in a Day, by Ray Bradbury shows how many people don’t think about the results from their actions and reveals that many people do not pause and look at the consequences from their actions and reveals that if people aren’t thinking before they act they will really affect someone. In this short story there are many examples of when someone on Venus suffers because they do not contemplate the consequences from their actions from their actions. Each 9 year old has an experience in this story where they have been hurt because of simply not thinking. While many may argue the major theme in All Summer in a Day may be that it is not okay to let jealousy get the best of you, the vital point is that you must think about the consequences from your actions. All throughout the short story Margot doesn’t participate and have fun with her peers on Venus. If Margot didn’t want to be bullied she should change and think about what will happen based on her choices. Instead of constantly being depressed she should loosen up and have a good time with the other children. “‘And this was because she would play no games with them in the echoing tunnels of the underground city. If they tagged her and ran, she stood blinking.’” This is significant because it shows that the other students have the best intentions at first and try to be kind. If Margot was kind in return, and decided to have fun with them the kids could have all been great friends. Along with not playing with
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