All Summer In A Day And The Veldt Analysis

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Two very versatile stories can still share a very common theme. All summer in a day and The veldt both by Ray Bradbury share the common theme of Desire can control the way people act towards others. There comparisons and differences play out in the story to even better the theme. In the first place, both of these complex stories share the same theme of, desire can take control over the way people act towards one another. For instance, in All summer in a day all the children want on Venus is the sun. Margot wants the sun badly that she only sings in class when the songs are about the sun. In The story it states, “Only when they sang about the sun and the summer did her lips move as she watched the drenched windows.” Readers can tell that Margot desires the sun much that it is now interacting with her life at school, therefore furthering the idea of the theme. In the same way, The veldt states, “At dinner they ate alone, for Wendy and Peter were at a special plastic carnival across town and had televised home that they'd be late, to go ahead eating. So george Hadley, bemused, sat watching the dining-room table produce warm…show more content…
For example, both of the stories have mean kids. In the veldt, the kids outrage on their parents when they wanted to take away the nursery. These are their parents and because they desire the veldt so much, the kids are willing to disrespect their parents to have it. Also, in All Summer in a day, Margot has seen the sun before and the other students haven’t. This causes the other students to bully Margot because they desire the sun just as much. Bradbury wrote, “You're lying, you don't remember!” cried the children.” When Margot was sharing her poem about the beloved sun the other kids immediately shut her down because they wanted the sun more than her. For these reason, readers can assure that the stories similarities affect the theme in a positive
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