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People have been put in situations all around the world where there is a sense of feeling the need to do something, in order to fit in with a crowd or to satisfy someone. In Ray Bradbury's short story, "All Summer in a Day" includes examples of peer pressure. For example, when Margot is being bullied by one of her classmates, none of her other classmates would stand up for her. The person bullying Margot then encourages the other classmates to lock her in a closet. Because every other classmate is not standing up for Margot, one may not want to seem different by making the opposite choice of taking Margot's side. Instead, they all join in on bullying her. Margot is negatively affected by peer pressure because of when people are incapable of…show more content…
It can affect one's decisions, and is a real world factor unlike in a fictional short story. "Present opportunities to try new sports, clubs, activites, foods, and music/ Lead to risky behaviors such as smoking and drug or alcohol abuse" (Making Decisions Table). As explained in the quote, social media can have many advantages due to it's containment of peer pressure, and have many disadvantages also. Peer pressure affects many kind of choices, whether it's choosing to jump in on picking on someone like in "All Summer in a Day", or if it can affect someone to try new sports and clubs, or drugs and alcohol.

Peer pressure is something very persuasive that can strongly affect one's choices. In the short story, "All Summer in a Day" by Ray Bradbury, Margot's classmates do not stand up for her when she is being bullied because of peer pressure convincing them that taking Margot's side is not the right choice. Peer pressure also comes from social media. There are many examples that can influence somebody to try new things, such as sports, or drugs. It can be either positive or negative. A person should feel strong about what they believe in, so peer pressure can not change their opinions about certain
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