All Summer In A Day Essay

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The short story, All Summer in a Day, created by Ray Bradbury exposes the truth that regret will always follow after a bad decision and will reveal the feeling of being ashamed of what the decision was. In this fascinating story that takes place on Venus, there are multiple examples to prove this universal statement to be true. However, this considerable theme can be proven to be true in everyday life as well. One example, in the story, to support this theme happens when Margot’s classmates come back inside after enjoying hours of the sun and being outside. Within those many hours, every single classmate had forgotten about the poor girl they locked in the closet shortly before the sun came out. That poor girl was Margot. Suddenly, the mood…show more content…
Certainly it could be said that others may find the theme to be, how deciding to live a life by yourself can be very sad and can often lead to missed memories, joy, and fun times with friends. While this a reasonable point, it fails to be the best theme of the paper because during the story, the reader finds out Margot is strange, odd, a misfit, and does not have any friends among her classmates. Her classmates actually bully her instead. Although, when Margot got bullied, it was because she hid in her own shadows. When Margot arrived at Venus, joining her new classmates, she talked to them about the sight and feeling of what she called the sun. Even though Margot moved away from the sun, she still had vivid memories of it. Be that as it may remember those details, Margot did not explain or tell them with excitement. When she spoke or told stories of the sun to her classmates, she failed to tell the story with happiness and often sounded like she was unsure of herself and her knowledge. This was not the only strange action Margot made around them. Margot also did not socialize or try to make friends with the others. When games were played, Margot did not join in. When the class sung, Margot did not join unless they sung about the sun. For this, her classmates treated her terribly and did not believe her whenever she spoke about the supposedly hot, round, circle in the sky called the sun. All together,
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