All Summer In A Day Identity Essay

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Everyone belongs to different places, and everyone has a different personality and identity. Identity, or the way you characterize yourself, can change a person’s actions, words, and feelings. People feel the need to belong somewhere whether it 's school or at home or anywhere else. Everyone has different personalities no matter what age they are. Children 's’ personalities are to be nice, have fun and stay a kid forever. All kids want to belong to a family and be somewhere where they are loved. On the other hand, adults belonging and identity are completely different. Their personalities are to be realistic, responsible, and in control or in charge, but they also feel the need to belong to a nice, caring family. Young adults can also have…show more content…
To continue, in the short story “All Summer in a Day” by Ray Bradbury, the young loving child Margot identifies as a lonely girl who wants to belong to a caring civilization where everyone cares for each other. Margot is a quiet little girl that wants to be appreciated the way she is and not recognized for her differences. Throughout the short story she seems to discover many bullies in her class. The author states “They edged away from her, they would not look at her. She felt them go away. And this was because she would play no games with them in the echoing tunnels of the underground city”(Bradbury, 3). Margot stands alone and doesn’t try to talk or hang out with the other children. Her need to belong is very harsh. The other kids are jealous of her, because when she was a kid she saw the sun, and she wants all the others to believe that she actually did see it. She needs sunlight to live, and that 's why they think she’s different. She wants the other kids in her classroom to like her but she doesn’t want them to make her have to change the way she is. Margot wants the kids to accept her feelings, the way she talks, her personality, and her identity. She wants to be herself for everyone and not have people be judging her for
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