All Summer In A Day Literary Analysis

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Jealousy in All Summer in a Day and Flowers for Algernon In the stories, All Summer in a Day by Rad Bradbury and Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes demonstrates how jealousy can bring out the worst of you. Therefore, jealousy can drive you to do bad things to those surrounding you. For instance, in All Summer in a Day the kids that lived in Venus for their whole entire life’s were jealous of Margot because she had experienced being outdoors when the sun has been up. Due to their jealousy, they did something awful to Margot the day that the sun was going to be up which is only up every seven years. In the other hand, in Flowers for Algernon, Charlie’s co-workers seemed to be jealous of Charlie since he was improving his level of intelligence because of the operation that he went through, thus they are treating him differently. In both stories, it is seen that jealousy can cause you to act in different ways such as how these distinctive characters in Flowers for Algernon and All Summer in a Day did. In all Summer in a Day, Margot is treated differently than most kids in her classroom as well she is very different compared to her classmates since she has spent her recent years living on Earth. Margot is a…show more content…
I have always believed that jealousy is a strong feeling that can cause you to do bad things to others. However, that may not be true all the time, it just depends on how mature you are about the situation. For instance, the kids that lock Margot in the closet were lacking of maturity when they did that to Margot and Charlie’s co-workers in Flowers for Algernon were just not thinking clearly when they signed for the petition. Therefore, jealousy can be handled in a variety of ways and the way that jealousy was controlled in both of these stories were some
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