Anger And Jealousy In Ray Bradbury's All Summer In A Day

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Ray Bradbury’s “All summer in a day” shows that anger and jealousy can cloud you from reality. He also determines that your state of mind is never permanent. Ray Bradbury uses many forms of author 's craft to show the jealousy and anger the kids demonstrate when Margot brings up the topic of the sun. Since the kids in Margot’s classroom had never seen the sun, they deny it’s even there. When Margot describes the sun and how beautiful it is, the kids get bitter. They think that she is lying to them. This frustrates the kids, and they act on it. There are many examples of anger that convey frustration towards Margot from her classmates. For instance, she writes a poem about the sun: “I think of the sun is a flower, that blooms for just one hour” the kids refuse to acknowledge that she wrote it. “Aw, you didn’t write that, protested one of the boys.” “I did said…show more content…
All of the children who are at least nine, had seen it when they were two. You would have to be a genius to recall that day. But, after seven years, the sun is going to come out again. It will come out for two hours. They are all pressed against the classroom window, hoping for a glimpse of it. Margot is standing away from the crowd. Of course, one of the boys single her out. “Get away” The boy gave her another push. “What’re you waiting for?” “Well, don 't wait around here!” the boy cried savagely “You won’t see nothing!” As they all started to turn against her, one of the children had an idea. “Hey, everyone, let’s put her in a closet before teacher comes!” “No,” said Margot falling back. After they caught her, they carried her down a hall, threw her in a closet and locked the door. They went back into the classroom just as the teacher came. The sun came out. The first time they had seen it in years. After two hours of playing in the sun, it went down. When the kids went back inside, they had realized they had forgot to let Margot
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