All Summer In A Day Ray Bradbury Theme

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Is everyone perfect?
Over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year (Andrea, 2014) Many children are faced with horrible words throughout the school year, and a few do not speak because they are afraid. In the short story, “All Summer in a Day” by Ray Bradbury, a adolescence is new at school, she came from Earth and left to Venus. She struggles with the new school, and the students are rude towards her. By dealing with this hatred the girl wants to go back home, where you can see the sun. However, the students become more vigorous with their words. The theme of the short story is people show imperfection in their life because Margot is anti-social and careless.
Margot is faced with being uncommunicative around her classmates. For example, the author writes, “Margot stood alone. She was a very frail girl who looked as if she had been lost in the rain for years and
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Margot has part in being disregardful with her peers. An example in the short story is when the author writes, “When the class sang songs about happiness and life and games, her lips barely moved” (3) After Margot is told awful names about her from her classmates, Margot decides to let go. Margot is tired of the drama the students are provoking her and Margot is careless about the situation, she does not want to be bothered anymore. Therefore, Margot is imperfect and displays it to people because not everyone is amazing and does everything right, just like Margot.
Throughout the short story, “All Summer in a Day” it demonstrates people that everybody can be themselves and no one is perfect, but people can make a better image of themselves. The students finally understand her desegregation as why she is uncommunicative and effectively learn how she became careless to the matter, the short story’s theme of people showing imperfection was clear. Therefore, if everyone gave a chance to someone new there wouldn’t be a problem of being distant from people and becoming
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