All That Heaven Allows

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In 1955, a melodrama called All That Heaven Allows was released. This film is about a widower named Cary and her young gardener Ron falling in love and the obstacles they deal with to fight for it. In this movie, she deals with criticism from both her friends and family because he is not of the same class and occupation of her late husband. Ron is sure of who he is and what he stands for, frequently reminds her that everyone else doesn’t matter it’s just about them. Cary is being pulled from every direction confused on what life to choose; the life of passion and love from Ron or the life she’s accustomed to living for years. After thinking that she lost Ron due to a tragic accident, she realized that their love conquers all and no one else’s opinion matters.
Sirk’s style is distinguished when it comes to demonstrating humanity. In the film, society plays as an omnipresent character and is just as important as the characters being played by his actors. Sirk’s style best described based on the place in history was, “In Approaches devoted primarily to textual analysis, critics have continually interpreted individual films as responses to times of national and
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Sirk’s melodrama had a major influence on Todd Haynes’ film Far From Heaven, which released in 2002. This film has a similar story plot about falling in love with a gardener and not being accepted by their community. The key difference this film has is that it incorporated problems that were going on at that time, which was dealing with biracial and homosexual relationships. Our class text book, states that his lead character in Far From Heaven was married to a gay man and the gardener was African American (Cousins 2004). This film as well used similar coloring and style to enhance the problems going on in the world at that
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