All The Hope We Cannot See Analysis

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All the Hope We Cannot See
Hope. Hope. Hope. We hear that word every other day, don’t we? Why? Why do people always say, “we just have to hope for the best”? What’s so special about hope? Well, it just happens to be the only good reason why we are all alive. It drives us to not just get through life but to also to, live it to the fullest. We need hope. Without it, being able to fight through the difficulties of life would be impossible. In All the Light We Cannot See, a novel by Anthony Doerr, we see multiple examples of how important hope is through the main characters, Marie-Laure and Werner Pfennig. Because hope is so powerful, we must have hope in tough times.

If we have hope through tough situations, we can give hope to others. In All the Light We Cannot See, we see
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When Frank Volkheimer and Werner are stuck in the basement of the Hotel of Bees, neither one of them had any hope whatsoever that they would be able to get out of the sunken basement. But once they heard Marie-Laure pleading for help, they believed they would get out alive. We see how Werner’s motivation changes when he thinks, “Do something. Save her”(Doerr 393). He goes from thinking earlier on that escape is impossible to believing that he can get out of there. Hope can cause us to overcome what we believe may be impossible and give that same hope to others in the process. Hope can change our mindsets from everything is hopeless to, we can do anything. Another example of this is throughout the book, Marie-Laure is begging and pleading her great-uncle Etienne to come outside and go to the beach with her. He repeatedly says no because he is suffering from trauma after having fought in World War I. But after the bombing of St. Malo has ended and he has survived the bombing and being imprisoned, he tells Marie that he’ll move
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