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All the President’s Men is perhaps the most revolutionary detective story to ever be written. Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein are the legendary reporters who followed the Watergate scandal from the beginning, and were able to piece together one of the biggest political scandals to ever occur. Both Bernstein and Woodward’s lives were changed forever when they were asked to cover the Watergate building break in for the Washington Post. Both men weren’t close friends, but worked together on reporting the story. Soon by following various leads and calling contacts in the white house, they were able to find out that one of the burglars was hired for defensive work for Nixon’s re-election campaign. Later top Nixon officials…show more content…
While reading I would often have to put the book down and think about how shady this whole operation was, and how genius Woodward and Bernstein were for figuring out various leads and clues. The way this book is written the reader feels as if they are right there with the reporters investigating. The whole scene when Bernstein flies to Miami to investigate one the burglar’s phone records and an influx of money in his bank account, and the reader finds out that this money was from donations for Nixon’s campaign, makes the reader feel disgusted with American politics. Both men provide so much information in this book about exactly how Watergate happened and who was involved, it made me realize how a man who was elected to run this country honestly and with integrity, was so twisted and a criminal. The authors perfectly capture the severity of this scandal and how it truly is one of the shadiest and biggest political scandals to ever occur in our nation’s history. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who loves politics or a good mystery. The audience will truly appreciate how descriptive the authors are, and the whole trail of evidence is interesting and easy to follow from the readers’ perspective. The book will make the reader question the incorruptibly of any politician they have ever put in

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