All The Truth That's In Me Judith Character Analysis

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In the book All the Truth that’s in Me the main character Judith has to overcome many problems and trials after returning home. Judith is just returning home at the beginning of the story with half a tongue after being kidnapped. She lack the ability to speak and spends her time spying on her neighbor and writing letters. The letters serve as a diary to her as the days pass on she writes mostly to Lucas the boy she was to marry before she was taken. The story continues as the people of the small town also face trails, as she learns to talk many become anxious for the truth placing her in even more danger. Judith starts out as a small town girl, who just like many spends her days cooking, cleaning and speaking of the young men in town. One day she is kidnapped by a man thought to be dead after he saves her life. She spends her time at his home trying to escape and dreaming of her friends death before. After…show more content…
Lacking the proper war equipment and leadership the town wants to give up, however they look to Lucas the son of the allegedly dead Captain. As soon as they head off to war Judith makes a quick decision wanting to save both her brother and Lucas. She heads to her ex-captors house hoping to convince him to help them all, in return she promises to stay as his wife. After the war is over many people blame her for both the Captain dieing in battle as well as his return. She becomes more further depressed wishing she had been in Lottie’s place and that she was dead. She becomes willing to kill herself until Maria changes her mind about marrying Lucas. Judith finds a new purpose in life as she wants to tell the story of what happened to both Lottie and herself. She learns to ride horses in order to drive her one footed brother Darrel to school and attend it with him. She learns to be happier in school and becomes good friends with Maria as she teaches her to
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