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The article All to be Tall poses a very good foundation on the debate when it comes to the Ilizarov Method to lengthen bones and if it is morally acceptable to have the surgery. Whilst reading All to be Tall I was quite shocked that people who are not legally classified to have dwarfism,and are only considered “short” by social standards spend over $80 000 to grow just a few inches putting themselves through all that pain. Jim Conran made the comments, “It’s like tuning a violin” and “With each turn of the knobs, the ligaments and muscles and skin come more under tension. Each day everything gets tighter. It’s incredibly painful”(132). As well, I am quite astounded by the stats that are provided on page 133, in relation to height and positions…show more content…
We live in a society that believes that being taller has an influence on who you are as a person. Our society further adds to this stereotype for men because most women look for a partner who is taller than herself. This over time has impact on human population as a whole because those who are taller are reproducing more than those who are shorter and in return pass their height onto the next generation, causing the average height to increase over time. Those who are shorter in younger generations could potentially have a greater risk of damage to their legs if they feel they need to add a larger amount of inches to their legs to fit standards than those now. Those who have had the operation and those who perform it on people who do not have dwarfism are setting a bad example for the younger generations. In conclusion, in the overall picture of life height is not a necessity to survive in today’s society, it is just a luxury that some people are blessed with and others not so much. For those who are not legally classed as a dwarf and have the Ilizarov Method surgery they are just doing it to get ahead in life. Those who have dwarfism it could help to improve the quality of their life. As a person looking at becoming an orthopedic surgeon I feel as though I would not be comfortable performing this surgery if it was not for a patient with

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