All Together Now: Sharing Responsibility

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The YMCA has been helping people around the world since 1884 and has grown into an international organization, and the goal of reaching a helping hand to those in need has never changed. Over the past 172 years the YMCA has continued to be an organization that lends a hand and has grown to have millions of volunteers helping in any way they can. One of the biggest initiatives that was set was that schools were not understanding their kids so the idea was brought up, this idea was for schools,families and the community to teach the children and this would lead to not only better students but better people.This has lead to the current goal that the YMCA is tackling, the problem of obesity and how to fix it. Most of the subsections of this goal…show more content…
Blank and Berg cite words from Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner say that intelligence is different for everyone and that everyone has their own way to comprehend and benefit from their experiences. The authors of this article, also found that minority students living in poverty stricken areas were more likely to have trouble keeping up with the higher income families in the area which caused a gap in the attempt to strive for academic achievement. It was also found that the mother 's education was a key predictor of the child 's success and that families more involved in their child 's education were more likely to perform better(Blank and Berg). This lead to a problem though because nobody really had a plan on how to fix this problem. It also lacked a history of why this started to happen in schools around the nation. Blank and Berg cited Noel Epstein 's quote from her book Who’s in Charge Here? Which said “While policymaking elites have focused for decades on academic issues, polls have shown the public to be more concerned about inadequate parental involvement…”(Blank and Berg). This goes to show that politicians believe it is bad schooling while the public believe it is bad parenting. And so the idea of sharing responsibility for the child was created in an attempt to have the parents, the school, and the community to all help in raising the child. With the YMCA as the leading force for the program,many city schools with low test scores and students that did not attempt to reach their goals due to years of neglect where now some of the highest scoring and the students were now better equipped for the world. Blank and Berg 's analysis gives multiple cities in which this program has made drastic changes, in Chicago with
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