You Need More Than Love Analysis

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Chapter 30

You Need More Than Love
Teachers in modern western middle and upper class societies deal with a generation of students who have an expectation that they will get what they want without effort. This essay explores the concept of instant gratification that is a product of parents wanting their children to be happy.
For the first time, on the 25th June 1967 the Beatles sang their global hit ‘All You Need is Love”. This was the most memorable moment in the very first worldwide television link up. The words of love struck a chord with a generation that was ready to reject the years of meanness and oppression. The song became an anthem heralding the dawn of newfound sense of freedom. Up until this time young people felt powerless, detached from their conservative parents and the establishment. It was time to take control of their lives.
This new confidence rooted in the power of love spread throughout western society. A new generation was about to create real change in their society. It
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In the real world not everyone comes first in their class, not everyone is popular and has lots of friends; not everyone gets to play football for their country. It might rain on a birthday party. A tornado may rip through your town; your child may become extremely ill. Life will be full of challenges and disappointments - for all of us no matter how much we were loved by our parents. Even if we all just loved, time after time everyone will have things still go wrong.
To be the successful adult we want our child to be requires them to develop the resilience and willpower to overcome these setbacks. As I said, the world just is and it is how we respond to the countless ways it challenges us that will define our character. As the parent, being a successful adult will be the best modelling for the child you love and this will mean teaching them to deal with
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