Poem Analysis: The Cornel By Carolyn Forche

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The wind blew heavily, rain pours down, and tree's leaves rustle. Reading these words, the setting is seen to be as a terrible storm occurring. Not only does this description set up the setting, but it also gives the mood to scenario. The mood for this scenario would be gloomy and depressing. Many stories are like this they use a descriptive word or use objects to influence the setting and mood. An epitome of this would be the poem "The Cornel" by Carolyn Forche. In the poem it describes her experience as a guest to the Coronal's house in El Salvador. She delineates from the beginning of her experience to the last moment of her experience. The poems shows how power can control people and it shown through objects. Forche set up the story in an amicable and tranquil environment, however as the story progresses the gun on the coach to the broken glass, the story amended to a hostile environment As we see the story in the…show more content…
In the house there was "broken bottles were embedded into the walls around the house to scoop the kneecaps from a man's legs or cut his hands to lace" broken bottles that were on the walls that were utilize for cutting a person's hand or their kneecaps (lines 6-7). The reason that the broken glass was on the wall was for the reason that this was a weapon to hurt the captive soldiers. When the Forche says that the broken class could be used to scoop the hands, from this I was able to figure out that the setting and mood of the story had change to dark. When we consider glass, it is given the meaning of clear and pure, however when it is broken we all been all those situations where if broken glass is present do not touch for the sake of it will cut oneself. Broken glass is associated with blood and this analogy is presented in the poem. With broken glass conveying a darker setting the story would become drastically

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