Allan Legere's Influence On Society

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Allan Legere was born in Chatham, New Brunswick on February 13th, 1948. Allan did not have the best upbringing in his early stages of his life. He had experienced rejection from his family and grew up without a father. He had murdered and made many innocent people suffer terribly. He had the idea that the reason why he was put in prison the first time was because of society. He is a very smart man with a lot of capability. Allan's personal life is what had made him into the massive serial killer he is today.

In Allan's historical background what we have found out is that he did not have the most wealthiest family. He use to be a shoe salesman in Winchester, Ottawa. He had grown up with one brother and a mother. When he was young, Legere
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This is where the psychopath had come out within and broke loose. After he escaped from prison he had murdered 4 people and terrorized many others. He was a huge danger to society and was known as the "Monster of Miramichi." The victims he had murdered were James Smith, Mrs. Flam, Mr Glendenning, and the Daughney sisters. Rumour has it, the reasoning of Allan killing John Smith is because when he was a child he was molested by a priest. This could be a solution to why he had become so violent and developed even stronger hatred towards society. By having such an unbalanced life had triggered him to want to get revenge to release his pain and hurt on everyone else. I believe Allan had just wanted everyone else to feel how he was feeling. Clearly he did not have the right coping skills and support to teach him how to deal with them. He took his feelings out on other people and their families thinking it was just a way of revenge and that it was normal. Which is why we call Allan a serial killer and a sociopath. The definition of a serial killer is a person who murders 3 or more people. A sociopath is someone who kills or harms another person or thing without feeling any
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