Alleged Bed Bugs In The Lodi Movie Theater

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1. 2. Q: Write a second essay that indicates the communication channel and communication plans you would use to address the media in a formal written statement in response to the news story. Include what actions you would put in place immediately to resolve the issue, and address any future accommodation. Although, every business addresses a bad situation affecting their business in many different ways, there are certain steps one can take to release the bad news to customers, the news media, and the public in a way that won’t cause any more damaging effects. While it takes a set plan of action, as well as the appropriate communication plans; and channels to which will more effective at getting the message to all parties involved in a positive…show more content…
That’s why it’s advisable to informed and educate your employees’ to the best practices to which will benefits our customers; as well as the business itself. This starts with the usage of selecting the proper communication channels, the audience to which you’ll be addressing; and how you plan to resolve the situation in a timely manner. Just like in this scenario of Alleged Bed Bugs in the Lodi Movie Theater, where the news media released a formal statement to the public of the situation; before your business staff had a chance to confirm this allegation. Without a set agenda, and cooperation for the downward communication flow, then things may not be rectified in the way to which you’d plan it to be; that’s why it’s imperative to follow the protocols set forth. Always give your audience supporting details to the situation at hand, how it will be rectified, and what you’ll do to keep it from happening again later down the road. Because, “if the supporting details are understood, and believed, the message might be readily accepted and good business relationship reserved” (Dufrene, & Walker, 2014, pp.
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