Allegiant Airlines Case Study

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Challenges that faced by Allegiant Airline
The first challenge faced by the company is the communication within the organization. Allegiant Air faced some difficulties in treating their employees, especially pilots for Allegiant Air. Pilots for Allegiant Air may leave the airline if the company continues to refuse to come to a contract agreement, according to a survey just released by the pilots’ union. Nearly 55% of the Allegiant pilots responding to the survey said they have given their resume or applied to another airline. In addition, 64% of surveyed Allegiant pilots say they are looking or plan to look for another job, and 80% say they are very likely or somewhat likely to leave Allegiant if the airline doesn’t agree to a fair contract.
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Employees of Allegiant Air are too careless in checking the flight’s condition. In previous year, Allegiant had a number of emergency landings because of mechanical issues, including five incidents between Christmas and New Year’s Day. In one instance, engine troubles forced an Allegiant flight from PIE traveling to Virginia to divert to North Carolina. The latest case was happened on May 31, 2016. The flight was supposed to leave Sanford Monday morning, but was delayed three times before it took off. Passengers were left waiting for more than 10 hours. Officials said the problem was due to a mechanical issue and passenger medical issues. According to a passenger, flight crews gave all passengers a 15-minute wait time, which turned into hours. The passenger said there were mechanics in the cockpit as passengers waited again after boarding. The flight of Allegiant Air initially went back to the gate when a passenger suffered a medical issue. Then, once in the air, electrical problems forced the plane to turn around. Later, boarding was halted as a piece of emergency equipment had to be inspected. Four flights coming from Sanford made emergency landings in just one week in December. There were a series of other emergency landings due to engine problems and blown-out tires. With its current track record that Allegiant Air needs to be grounded for a full safety inspection. Always better to prevent disaster than to respond to

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