Allegory In Arthur Miller's The Crucible

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Arthur Miller was born October 17th, 1915 in Harlem New York and died on February 10th,2005 in Roxbury Ct . The story The Crucible is an allegory . Arthur Miller’s play is about the Salem witch trials that occured from 1962 to 1963. It is an allegory to the Red Scare that happened during the 1950’s. People in the Red Scare were often accused of being communist oftenly when someone was accused of being a communist, people would accuse other people just to not be accused as an communist. This is the same for the salem witch trials. In this book the townspeople of Salem have been put in a state of mass hysteria. Abigail Williams attempts to survive using deceit,power and control over people. John Proctor committed deceit and Elizabeth used Survival…show more content…
The Proctors had been tried in court and gone against by every girl in the court accusing Elizabeth. Abigail claimed that this was true because Goody Proctor and her had been in a affair and this had made Elizabeth mad and made her want to kill Abigail. The judge asked John Proctor if he had actually committed adultery with Abigail. Going against his own name Proctor cried YES that he had actually committed adultery with Abigail. Then the judges told Elizabeth to come out and admit that her husband John Proctor had indeed committed adultery with Abigail. Because Elizabeth had no talk with John because they had been separated she lied. Elizabeth proclaimed that John was a holy man and had never committed adultery but little did she know that John was hoping that she would tell the truth. She didn't want to tell the truth about John and shame his name due to him having did what he had did. In Conclusion to the Crucible throughout the story the characters that have been named have all attempted to survive in the story some of it may have been by deceit but they all wanted to keep their name clean. This caused Abigail to run a stray from the conflict she caused and made John Proctor deal with his hand of fate as well. Elizabeth did best with what she could do by only being a good
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