Allegory In Beowulf Research Paper

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Beowulf as an allegory for salvation
The first point in this essay about how beowulf is an allgory for salvation is. Salvvation means being saved from certain death, in the Bible Jesus is the savior from the Devil and sin. Just as beowulf is the savior of the Danes from Grendel and Grendels mother and the savior of the Geats from the dragon.
Secondly, in the Bible Jesus died for the salvation of mankind. Similarily Beowulf laid down his life for the salvation of his people in his battle against the dragon.
Beowulf also displays many qualities that Christ showed such as his willingness to be the savior of his people as Christ was too. And the 3 mosters qualities match up with those of the Devil.
Other ways that beowulf seems like it is the
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