Allegory In Lord Of The Flies Comparative Essay

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There are two senses of interpreting scripture: the literal sense and the spiritual sense. The literal sense is the actual and literal meaning that the authors of the Bible meant for the readers to easily understand. The spiritual sense refers to the meaning hidden behind the words. From this spiritual sense comes three more senses: the anagogical, the moral, and the allegorical. The anagogical sense shows us how the events we read about in scripture point to what we will know in Heaven. The moral refers to the ways the Bible tells us to live our lives. The allegorical, however, reveals how people and events in the Old Testament point forward to the people and events in the New Testament. The stem of the word allegorical comes from the word allegory, which is the hidden meaning behind events and people and symbols in literature. Allegory can also be split into three groups: social, political, and religious. The story begins with an edenic symbol presented to the boys after the plane crash. Many of the characters in Lord of the Flies can represent people of the Bible. Events and objects on the island can represent many religious events and symbols. Lord of the Flies contains many allegories, but the one which is best represented and…show more content…
The boys are shown and edenic symbol after their plane crashes. Lord of the Flies hold the names of many characters which can relate to those of the Bible. Religious events and symbols are found hidden in the events of the Lord of the Flies. Everything has a meaning, each word can hold many meanings. Each phrase can be looked at for hours and be comprehended over and over. Every paragraph will never truly be seen the way the author wanted it to be seen, and each page could have an essay written about it. And each book, every book, could hold thousands of allegories hiding behind the shadows of the dark ink which stain the

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