Allegory In M Night Shyamalan

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Are you a believer in signs or do you think events happen because of luck? People are either believers of everything happening for a reason or believers of people having luck, and everything always going right for them. In the film, the director shows a universal theme of a man struggling between faith and believing in the signs. Shyamalan expresses this through allegory, flashback, and conflict. According to the film, Shyamalan uses aliens as an allegory to emphasize the belief of a higher power. For instance, when the news broadcast is showing the bird hitting the invisible spacecraft, the symbolic meaning is that God is there even if you don’t see his presence. The aliens in the film represent demons, they are fallen angels that prey on humans. In addition, the glasses of water that Bo leaves around the house is used to represent “holy water”. Holy water is used for spiritual cleanse and the holy water kills the aliens in the end. Again, this emphasizes that there is a god, you just have to believe. Another device that M. Night Shyamalan…show more content…
Often people blame god for the bad things that happen in their life. In the beginning Graham is in conflict with his wife´s death and because of her death, he leaves the church and stops being a minister. He slowly regains his faith, when Morgan has an asthma attack. Graham tells god ¨ I hate you¨. By saying this Graham shows that he is hurt because he thinks god took his wife already, and he doesn't want him to take Morgan too. Morgan doesn't end up dying, he says ¨do you think someone saved me¨, and Graham says ¨yeah I think someone did¨, at this moment Graham has regained his faith because God has saved Morgan for him. Graham is in conflict with the loss of his wife and the loss of his faith in the beginning, then he later regains his faith and accepts that his wife was taken for a
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