Allegory Lord Of The Flies Quote Analysis

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Imagine being stranded on an island in the 1930s when your 12. Your with a group of boys that you don't know and there are no adults. How would you act? The Lord Of The Flies is a book about a group of british boys that were on a plane that crashed in the middle of the ocean on an island. It was during World War 2 and no adults survived the crash. It all started out well for the boys. Then they started to disagree about little things and throughout the story things started to decline and the group ends up separating into 2 tribes.The 2 tribes are run by Jack and Ralph. Things start to get violent and the boys slowly started turning towards savagery. One of the main characters, Jack, starts to become a dictator and he has the need for power and control in the story and he uses fear to control the other boys in his tribe. By now almost all of the boys are with jack and in his tribe except Ralph, Piggy, and SamnEric. Eventually SamnEric switch tribes and go to Jack out of fear and it’s just Ralph and Piggy left. They decide to go talk to Jack and try to talk some sense into him and Piggy ends up dead. Just Ralph is left and Jack sends his tribe on a hunt for him and while there doing that they run into…show more content…
There are multiple examples for the relations to World War 2 in the book. Piggy symbolizes the allies from World War 2 because he stays civilized throughout the book and always thinks things through for the best. Jack represents Adolf Hitler because he demands power and dictatorship. He pushes people around and uses fear to control people. And the littluns portray the jews because they get threatened into doing things and Jack uses fear of the beast to control them. Overall The Lord Of The Flies is an allegory of World War 2 for multiple
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